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Retired Member Notices and Forms

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1099-R Notice

Retired Members 1099-R tax documents for 2023 tax filing were mailed on 01-30-2023. 

Retired Member Annual Statements Available

Retired Member Annual Statements are available on the Member Self-service Portal.

2023 NM State Tax Withholdings Update for Retired Members

Please note that there was an error in the importation of the 2023 tax schedules in our pension administration system resulting in the delayed update to the tax withholdings reflected in your February pension.

This only applies to recipients who selected that their New Mexico State Tax deduction is calculated by the NM tax withholding tables. This does not apply to benefit recipients who selected a flat dollar amount to be withheld, no tax to be withheld, or do not meet the minimum monthly distribution limit for withholding.

All tables in the pension administration system have been updated to accurately reflect the 2023 tax schedule moving forward.

    Return to Work Notice for Retired Members

    The rules and procedures below must be followed in order for a Retired Member to return to work and continue to receive retirement benefits.

    A Retired Member who wants to return to work for an NMERB affiliated employer and continue to receive their benefit must file an application and obtain approval from NMERB prior to returning to work. Failure to be preapproved could, where applicable, result in suspension and repayment of retirement benefits paid during the employment.

    Each of the RTW programs has specific requirements that the retiree must meet to be eligible for the program. The requirements for each RTW program are different. Some of the requirements are:

    • Completion of a layout period after retirement (may be 90 consecutive days or 12 consecutive months, as required by the specific RTW program);
    • Limits on the retiree’s FTE (full time equivalency) or earnings per fiscal year (only applies to certain RTW programs);
    • The retiree must pay nonrefundable employee contributions to the ERB fund (only applies to certain RTW programs);
    • The retiree cannot earn service credit for the employment (true for all RTW programs).

    Detailed information regarding the provisions of the Return to Work Programs can be found on the RTW Comparison Table.




    DocuSign Links

    Authorization for Release of
    Change in NMERB Records
    PDF DocuSign
    Direct Deposit Authorization
    Bank Form for Retired Members Only PDF DocuSign for existing Retirees only
    Divorce – Post-Retirement
    Model Order with Instructions
    Dividing ERB Benefits
    Download document here PDF 
    Independent Contractor
    Legal Divorce Release of Claims
    Notice of Appeal (Disability)
    Return To Work Application – November 2022 (Revised)
    PDF DocuSign
    Tax Withholding –
    Federal, 2023 IRS Form W-4P
    Tax Withholding –
    New Mexico State Tax Withholding
    Withdraw from Return To Work

    Your Opinion Counts

    We thank you, in advance, for your willingness to participate in our Retiree Customer Surveys.

    NMERB surveys are anonymous and are not intended to update your personal information.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us via the Member Services contact form or call 1(866) 691-2345.

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