Mary Lou Cameron announced during the August 2020 board meeting that she would not run again for chair. Cameron represented the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB) as chairperson since 2010.

During her tenure with NMERB she held the offices of secretary and vice chairperson of the board. She has also served on the Committees on Resolutions and Nominations for the National Council on Teacher Retirement. 

The election process for new chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary took place immediately after her announcement. The board unanimously voted Steven Gluckstern as the new Chairperson for the board. 

The officers for the board are now: 


NMERB Chairperson             Steven Gluckstern


NMERB Vice Chairperson    Russell Goff


NMERB Secretary                  Larry Magid   


These changes in the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board of Trustees became effective Friday, August 14, 2020.

If you are interested in knowing more about the members that form the NMERB of Trustees you can do so here.