When considering participation in one of the Return to Work (RTW) programs, know that the rules and procedures below must be followed in order for a Retired Member to return to work and continue to receive retirement benefits.

A Retired Member who wants to return to work for an NMERB affiliated employer and continue to receive their benefit must file an application and obtain approval from NMERB prior to returning to work. Failure to be preapproved could, where applicable, result in suspension and repayment of retirement benefits paid during the employment.

Each of the RTW programs has specific requirements that the retiree must meet to be eligible for the program. The requirements for each RTW program are different. Some of the requirements are:

  • Completion of a layout period after retirement (may be 90 consecutive days or 12 consecutive months, as required by the specific RTW program);
  • Limits on the retiree’s FTE (full time equivalency) or earnings per fiscal year (only applies to certain RTW programs);
  • The retiree must pay nonrefundable employee contributions to the ERB fund (only applies to certain RTW programs);
  • The retiree cannot earn service credit for the employment (true for all RTW programs).

Detailed information regarding the provisions of the Return to Work Programs can be found on the RTW Comparison Table.

For specific questions regarding the Return to Work programs, please contact Member Services by calling 1-866-691-2345 or by submitting a Member Services Contact Form.