By Jenna Vigil, Benefit Services Bureau Chief

When is the busiest effective retirement date for ERB Members?
July 1st. Typically, there are on average over 875 individuals retiring at this time.

Is there something to do to get ready to retire?
Below are pre-retirement actions you can take:

  1. Register for your MyNMERB account.
  2. Log into your existing MyNMERB account to review your contact information, beneficiary, and service credits. Also, you can use the benefit estimate calculator to obtain a general idea of your benefit.
  3. If you are considering retirement within the next 6 – 12 months, you should request an audited benefit estimate. To make this request, please download the Benefit Estimate Request Form from the Forms page of the website and follow the instructions.

What are the steps to retirement? More details are available on the Steps to Retirement page of this website.

  • Step 1   Retirement Application – Member Completion
  • Step 2  Retirement Application – Employer Certification
  • Step 3  Final Document Completion, Submission, and Approval
  • Step 4  Enjoy Your Retirement! – Notify ERB of any Life Changes

For further assistance in completing the application process, please reach out to the Member Services Team at 1-866-691-2345 or email